What is a Gallery Wrap?

"Gallery wrap" refers to a realatively new method of displaying fine art. This very popular and desirable method of presenting fine art to be hung has been made economically and artistically viable with recent developments in technology and materials.

Canvas that has been designed specifically for gicle'e art is printed ("painted") using pigmented, archival inks in a special printer. The canvas is then stretched over a box frame (ours are 1.5 inches deep) so that part of the image wraps around on the sides of the frame. The result is a striking visual delight that avoids potential distracting issues when using older methods such as matting and framing.

Each piece is complete and ready to hang without the additional cost of matting, framing, etc. and the art work stands on its own without exterior embelishments.

If framing is still desired, a frame can easily be used with only the image area on the sides of the art work hidden.