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Price List

Ordering prints is easy directly from the image gallery.

Order Visual Verse here on the book page.

Or, preferably, get answers to any question you may have and insure we get things right by contacting me personally directly by phone or E-mail:
Phone: 801 360 3077 (John or Diane Parkinson)
E-mail: john@artinnature.com

Here is my price list. Please don't be fooled by these low prices for museum-quality art work—I personally do all of the photography, film scanning, digital work, gicle'e printing, canvas stretching and mounting of all the prints. There is no one else is in the middle between the original scene and your print except me . . . and I'm retired and don't depend on high profits to make a living. I even designed the book Visual Verse myself, much to the chagrin of my publisher's design department!

Single Piece Art
Size Price
16x16 $120.00
16x20, 20x16 $150.00
16x24, 24x16 $180.00
16x28, 28x16 $210.00
16x32, 32x16 $240.00
16x36, 36x16 $270.00
Visual Verse (Book) $25.00
Size Price
28x28-36 (2 Panels) $420.00
40x28-36 (3 Panels) $630.00
52x28-36 (4 Panels) $840.00
64x28-36 (5 Panels) $1050.00
76x28-36 (6 Panels) $1260.00
88x28-36 (7 Panels) $1470.00
100x28-36 (8 Panels) $1680.00
112x28-36 (9 Panels) $1890.00

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