Nature Landscape Image Collection

Here are a few photographs from my library of thousands. In this collection you will find about 150 of my favorite images. They are the result of photography that has been more than 50 years in the making.

My primary photographic interest has always been to make images of the natural landscape "untouched by human hands." In other words, my nature/landscape photography images are truly "God's Art." I merely attempt to document faithfully and with care the visual beauty that He has already created.

It has been very satisfying (and great fun) for me to saunter through the great outdoors in search of something to photograph and then, just pause (hours, sometimes) to appreciate and enjoy.

Please scroll through the image collection. Imagine that you are there. Click on any image that is of interest to you to see a much larger version. Then, just pause (for as long as you feel like) to appreciate and enjoy.