Nature Landscape Art Gallery Foyer

Welcome to the art gallery. It is intentionally small and intimate. I just want to show you a few samples of my landscape images presented as fine art. Most of the photographs in the Image Collection could also be here in the gallery, but then it would no longer be small and intimate.

When you see a photograph in the image collection that you would like to have as a gicle'e print, I can make it for you.

All of my prints are signed in limited editions of only 100. Such a small edition of each print will surely enhance its potential future value.

In the past I have offered photographic art in the form of framed prints, such as Cibachrome or Ilfochrome (no longer available), Fuji Crystal Archive, and on fine art paper. Modern technology has produced new pigmented inks and fine art canvas that render photographic prints with great detail and an impressive tonal range of accurate colors. Now, I prefer gicle'e on canvas as the most desirable and practical way to present photographic art that meets archival, museum quality standards. When well done, as these are, they are truly beautiful. They will give your walls an eye catching splash of color and a classy elegance.

What is a gicle'e print? If you are not familiar with the process, you can read about it here: What is a gicle'e print?

Art in Nature™ offers a new and exciting way of presenting fine art: Panelramas™. A panelrama (my term) makes possible a large wall hanging, as much as 10 feet by 3 feet (or even more). Individual panels, usually from 3 to 9 of them, hang together as one unit. Your personal taste dictates the space between the panels. Each piece extends out from the wall nearly two inches, revealing a portion of the image on the top, bottom and sides. Stunning! A beautiful example is just above on this page. This one is more than nine feet long. You will see a few samples of other "panelramas" when you leave the foyer and enter the main gallery.

In order to get a piece of art exactly as you (and I) want it, I personally print all of my own images on the finest quality canvas using archival pigmented ink. I then stretch the canvas over a special frame. This results in what is known as a gallery wrap. Read more details about gallery wraps.

Please visit the art gallery. Stay as long as you like. Enjoy! No one will bother you here. Click on your choices in the image collection for information on size, availability, and price.

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