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Welcome to Art in Nature™, the online home of photographer and author, John Parkinson,
of Payson, Utah. Here you will find a superb collection of nature and landscape images,
an award-winning book, Visual Verse, and a gallery of beautiful photographic art.

Mountains, Streams, Waterfalls, Wildflowers, New England Autumn, Star Trails, National Parks, Colorado Plateau, Utah's Red Rock, Deserts, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia

Photographing Nature and the Landscape For 50 Years

Landscape photographer, John Parkinson of Payson, Utah, has devoted his professional life to documenting on film the natural beauty of our planet. His work includes unique and distinctive images of its stunning landscapes as well as the flora and the fauna that grace it. He believes that viewing beautiful landscape photography enhances a greater awareness of, and an appreciation for, the natural beauty of the earth.

Finding a beautiful image in nature and photographing it well requires the skill and creativity of an artist. John, however, feels that the true landscape artist is He who created it. This is "God's Art." The satisfaction derived from faithfully documenting it in the form of an art print has been truly rewarding and inspiring for him.

Mr. Parkinson's nature landscape photography can be found throughout the world in homes, professional offices, public buildings and art centers . . . even in the corridors of the United States Congress, in the form of framed prints, calendars, product labels, editorial and advertising mediums and landscape photography books.

Visual Verse, Art in Nature With Symbiotic Verse

An Award Winning Landscape Photography Book

In 2007, John published Visual Verse which is a stunning collection of landscape photography that he describes as "Documenting the Art of God Through Photography." In this delightful landscape photography book, poetic verse is coupled with elegent landscape images. The result for the reader is an uplifting and soul-enriching experience. Visual Verse received two first place awards at the Benjamin Franklin Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C. Look for it here.

Nature Landscape Photography

Please browse through the online nature landscape photography collection which includes mountain landscapes, deserts, the Utah red rock country, the Colorado Plateau, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, Alaska and much more for you to appreciate and enjoy.